By: Deborah Scott
Chief Executive Office
We Vote. We Win


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The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed significant disparities in healthcare access and outcomes, particularly affecting minority populations. Georgia has failed to meet the needs of a rapidly aging population. In 2020, only 7 caregivers were available for every 100,000 Georgia residents. Georgia has also failed to enact policies that would allow caregivers to support their families such as paid family and medical leave. 

In response to this urgent issue, We Vote. We Win. launched a transformative campaign called Pledge Care. This initiative made an astounding impact by mobilizing thousands of individuals through phone calls, texts, and in-person events to support caregiving policies. Through the efforts of our determined team and volunteers, we called voters and secured 714 verbal commitments to support progressive care policies. 

Recognizing the power of diverse outreach methods, We Vote. We Win.’s phone banking team also sent out 18,000 texts to educate and mobilize voters. These personalized messages ensured that the call for caregiving support reached a broader audience, amplifying the impact of the campaign. Furthermore, during in-person events, We Vote. We Win. collected 750 pledge cards. 


hand holding pledge cards.

We Vote. We Win.’s Pledge Care campaign has been a powerful force in advancing healthcare and family care equity in Georgia; however, there is more work to be done.

Moving forward, let us continue to support progressive care policies. By collectively advocating for caregivers and promoting policies that address healthcare disparities, we can create a future where healthcare is accessible and equitable for all. Together, we can make a lasting impact and secure a healthier and more inclusive society.