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Partners' Voices on Our 3rd Anniversary

The care economy touches every aspect of our lives and partners are passing care policy, getting out the vote and building coalitions across the nation to make fundamental change for working families. As we recognize FV@W Action’s 3rd Anniversary, check out what some of our network partners are saying about the care economy.

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Carol Joyner
Family Values at Work Action
June 24th marks the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court decision to end Roe v. Wade. So far, 30 states have banned or severely restricted access to abortion. The ban’s effect on maternal health and family economic stability has sent shock waves through the political and electoral landscape. One year after Dobbs it is clear that abortion is self-care, healthcare, and family care.
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Melanie Campbell
Black Women's Roundtable

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Audre Lorde once said, “I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” These words resonate deeply within me and emphasize the urgent need to address the care crisis that disproportionately impacts black women.

Deborah Scott
We Vote. We Win
Georgia has failed to meet the needs of a rapidly aging population. In 2020, only 7 caregivers were available for every 100,000 Georgia residents. Georgia has also failed to enact policies that would allow caregivers to support their families such as paid family and medical leave.
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Yadira Sanchez
Poder Latinx

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Three years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for paid leave is clear as day. Especially for the Latinx community, many members of whom served on the frontlines during the pandemic.

Dawn Huckelbridge
Paid Leave For All
What we have found, as we expected, is that paid leave is politically powerful — with a lot of potential. Paid leave remains a politically salient issue that uniquely motivates progressive base voters and key persuadable groups.
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Shoshana Hershkowitz
Citizen Action of New York

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Citizen Action of New York is invested in the fight for universal child care in our state! The child care system is broken, and it’s past time to fix it for working families and caregivers. We are proud to be members of the Empire State Campaign for Child Care, as well as the Family Values at Work network, advocating to invest in our care economy. When we invest in our care economy, everyone wins.

Jennifer Morales
This is My Family & Family Values@Work
Back in 2014, Family Values @ Work’s then-DC Director Wendy Chun-Hoon realized something about the paid leave policies our movement was winning for families around the country: Her family wouldn’t be included in those policies.
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Destie Hohman Sprague
Maine Women's Lobby

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Care work is the invisible underpinning of our economy. Care work – the paid or unpaid work of looking after the physical, emotional, and developmental needs of others – is also highly gendered, and 85% of Maine caregivers are women. Unpaid family care work seems “free,” so it gets left out of many policy conversations.

Josephine Kalipeni
Family Values@Work
To survive and thrive in this country, most of us must work. In fact, over 60% of people in America are working. But the inability of policies to shift to meet the new needs of workers who are trying to meet caregiving demands is making life and work nearly impossible.
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